Eucalyptus bath besom

The most important symbol of the sauna is the bath besom. Bath besom are used in saunas to massage, rejuvenate, heal and relax the body. The eucalyptus bath besom we offer, is prepared from eucalyptus leaves, which are rich in essential oils and minerals. Thanks to these oils and minerals  the pores are quickly opened; therefore the body easily excretes heat-spots, micro-organisms and other impurities. Procedures with eucalyptus bath besom or eucalyptus products are extremely effective. The effect is felt instantly: as eucalyptus vapor travels through the trachea and bronchi, it cleans the airway, induces metabolism and blood circulation. Patting with bath besoms is a pleasant and beneficial way to spend time, which relaxes the body, strengthens the immune system. Eucalyptus is very popular, because it has many healing properties, this fact is scientifically approved and very well evaluated over time and experience. No other bath besom has so many healing properties than eucalyptus bath besom!

 Preparation of Eucalyptus bath besom (Vihta, Vasta) for sauna:

1. It is recommended that new unused dry eucalyptus bat besom is kept at room temperature for 12 hours (if it has not already been kept there), especially during winter.

2. Then, fully submerge the bath besom together with the handle into water of similar temperature (up to 40º C degrees), and keep it there for 6-8 hours. If the bath besom has already been used, soak for just 1 hour.

3. Then put the eucalyptus bath besom into a polythene bag or back into the packaging, and, when taking it into the sauna, keep it in a higher temperature. (For example, in room where you do the patting, you can gradually put it from the lower bench to the highest).

4. Then the bath besom is ready and its aroma and active eucalyptus agents are induced. Before using the bath besom, you can keep it in hot water for about 15 minutes.

That’s all! Have a good steam!